Welcome to Book Exchange with Day Prep!

To master any skill, we have to do that skill. If a child wants to master an ollie on his skateboard, he has to have 100s of approximations of what he wants to achieve. Reading and writing are the same.

Reading at Day Prep–occurs anytime, anywhere!

Our Book Exchange program helps children engage in reading–and writing– with their very own reading folder and journal, complete with books at just the right level for optimal reading growth. Your child will also receive a prize each time they exchange books!

These aren’t just any books, but the BEST books for becoming an expert reader.

Call or email today to start up with Book Exchange. Once we determine your child’s instructional level, you will receive your first set of books in your child’s reading folder, along with a special welcome gift.

It’s FUN–and life-changing–to become an expert reader.

This program is for all children, emergent to fluent readers. Books can be exchanged in person or via US Mail without geographic restriction.

Please complete this form to learn more or get started!


$125 per month*

Up to 4 exchanges per month, in-person or via US Mail

*Tuition assistance available on an as-needed basis

In-person exchanges occur at the following locations:

7817 Herschel Avenue La Jolla
7713 Fay Avenue La Jolla
7717 Fay Avenue La Jolla
13787 Camino Canada Los Coches
7750 El Camino Real La Costa
335 North Coast Highway Laguna Beach

Registration Form:

At one magical moment in your early childhood, the page of a book–
that string of confused, alien ciphers–shivered into meaning. 
Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets. 
At that moment, whole universes opened. 
You became, irrevocably, a reader.
–Albert Manguel, A History of Reading