Day Prep is here to help during school closures. We have reduced our rates and added service options to serve you during this unprecedented time.

Relief rates and options:

In-Person Sessions: Grades Pre-K – 12

Description: In home instruction for all children in your household

In-person single family sessions: $80/hr

Remote Private Sessions: Grades Pre-K – 12

Description: Remote instruction via Zoom for all children in your household

Remote single family sessions: $60/hr

Remote Group Sessions: Grades 4 – 12

Description: Remote instruction via Zoom for individual students in a group learning environment

Four students maximum, $20 per hour

How do I get started right away?

To schedule services, send an email to [email protected] or text/call 619.991.1970. Please indicate:

  • In-person session, remote private session, or remote group session
  • Desired days and times (Session lengths can be one or more hours at a time. Hours of operation for all services are 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.)

How will the sessions be structured?

  • Work assigned by the school is completed first. Our teachers ensure the work is completed to standard and your child understands concepts.
  • Remaining time is used to advance the student’s education and skills, remediate where necessary, and provide educational enrichment
  • Our teachers create a Task Checklist for your child with assignments to complete between sessions as desired.
  • Teachers also monitor independent reading goals set in each session.

Unique opportunity:

When students publish a book through Day Prep, they often see themselves as authors for the first time! They go through our complete writing process, learning how to gather, synthesize, and create content in a way that aligns with 21st century skills. Your child’s published book can be ordered in soft or hard cover directly from Lulu for your child, as gifts for grandparents, and for your coffee table. Here are a few samples of Day Prep students’ published books:

Diary of Sneaky Dog by Abby Levy

Alexander Hamilton by Sienna Steer

Poetry Anthology by the Day Prep Poets

How to Build a Canoe by Will Madrid

Pomeranians by Cameron Sudberry

Annoyed by your children? It’s not them, it’s YOU. Read this each morning to get yourself in gear. Pre-empt with the starting pages. Use the last two pages in escalated moments.

Day Prep’s covid Handy Health resource to print and post, for you and your children!

Here are 10 Ways to Connect with Your Child Off-Screen, and Ten Ways On.

Use this fun book with your early reader PreK – Grade 2. Learning, fun, AND create a treasured keepsake.