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Private School: Open Enrollment for 2022 – 2023 for grades JK – 12

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The Day Prep Private School Difference 

Education, revolutionized. Say hello to an education that breaks common constructs. With the greatest individualization and opportunities for achievement available to a child, we have boldly taken down barriers previously accepted as the only way. And, it’s WASC-accredited, meeting and exceeding the standards of the highest accrediting agency.

Format defines function. Children enter environments designed for the skills and knowledge being explored. From there anything is possible. Built around the practices and habits of top innovators, 21st-century skills are the guideposts, not sets of content easily accessible on the internet. The content-based curriculum relic, designed in 1860 and still used in other public and private schools today, is finally put to rest.

Creating, not regurgitating. There’s no textbook to memorize and respond to via multiple-choice test. Students write and publish their own scientific journals complete with the elements included in professional journals, coupled with QR codes that bring their publications to life. The same for History.

Children create without constraint. At the heart of the program is a level of autonomy never before available to a schoolchild. Until now, the place a child goes to learn to think is where they are systematically taught how not to think. The profound curiosity with which we are born is maintained at Day Prep through a paradigm shift that allows the child to co-create learning. Parents fervent about keeping their child’s light choose Day Prep.

The Method, The Material, The Master. Education is a profession based on science. So you can leave it to us. We want families to enjoy their time together, not to have to manage schooling or unnecessary homework. We believe in setting children and families up for success, removing barriers with adaptable teaching, project-based learning, and engaging instruction led by exceptional people. We hire and train the brightest and the best. Teachers who are there to place the scaffold at just the right moment, in just the right place, for just the right length of time so each child can progress at their peak performance level. Research has proven, multiple times since 1965, that the most important element in the classroom is the teacher. Day Prep creates an environment for its team and families that becomes a second home. Paid at and above the level of the local public district, provided with health insurance benefits and a 401K, our teachers are valued as the highly-educated professionals they are.

Foundational skills solidified. Signature skills amplified. Each of us does what we do all day with our abilities, not our disabilities. Signature skills, top values, innate drivers—our students learn how to identify these in themselves and others. Gone are the wasted days (years) of following. We are all leaders. We lead ourselves out of bed, every day—and through our day. Self-awareness, the ability to self-evaluate, and accountability are developed from Day 1, woven into the fabric of every child. How is this working for me? How do I change my results?

Through our Integrity Curriculum, Day Prep students learn two or more concepts per week in six key constructs. These tangible, applicable skills have an accompanying guide sheet that is shared with the families as the lessons are taught. Children implement proven, usable tools while guided by a trauma-informed teacher who understands and is deeply connected with themselves. One can be very good at math, an expert reader, and even have the ability to write very well, but the joy in life can be significantly diminished when self-awareness is low and self-regulation skills are lacking. We know this. So we provide the skills. Not for “those kids”, for all our kids.

Enter a new educational world, at Day Prep.

What they say…

Dr. Parcel, lead for our WASC Accreditation, reported, “Standardized, school-created, custom curriculum is being used with fidelity by all teachers at the school. This allows for teachers to step in seamlessly for one another at any time, but more importantly creates a common language and vocabulary which is used school wide and helps promote greater student learning. Teachers commented positively on this common vocabulary, as well as voiced that they are taught to use the same methodologies and tools. The teachers feel well-trained, respected as educators, and mentioned that the high level of support they receive from administration is appreciated and allows them to focus on their job of educating students.”

“The methodologies, as well as the small student-to-teacher ratio, ensures that all students are receiving an individualized education while being supported in a community of learners. Students report a love of learning, saying ‘the teachers care about me and help me learn.’ Students noted the myriad of hands-on activities that they get to do, from creating their own books, to excursions to further their studies, to hands-on science experiments. Discussions with students revealed students who are excited about their own learning.” – Dr. Wendy Parcel WASC Accreditation Visiting Committee

“This is how teaching should be.” –Ms. Duce, Soledad, Day Prep Teacher

“Mamma, at Day Prep I never feel left out, my feelings aren’t hurt and I have not cried once when you pick me up because someone was mean to me.” –Primary grades student

“We are so happy with our child’s teachers. Very grateful for everything!!” –Middle school parent

“Day Prep School is the best!”

“Hi! Thanks for checking in with us! My kids are SO happy with Day Prep. My daughter is really coming alive. I am grateful for Miss Keefer and the social/emotional component of Day Prep. I also really enjoyed the Power Parenting session and follow-up resources. I’m also looking forward to some Level Up extracurricular options for the kids! Can’t wait! Thank you for everything!”

“Happy Child – Happy Heart.”

“Sienna loves Day Prep. She only has positive things to say about her teachers, the environment, and the work she completes.”

Thanks so much! We look forward to a wonderful learning environment in the year ahead.” — High school student parent at Mission Bay

“We are so thankful for fun, engaging teachers! Mr. Montalvo is full of life and energy. Both of our girls are reading up a storm, excited to get to school in the morning, and seem encouraged and inspired. Thank you, Mrs. Day and team. ❤️💕❤️💕”

“My son LOVES his teacher and every day is SO excited to get up and go to school! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our Day Prep decision!”

“I’m grateful for Day Prep.”

“For my child to learn and develop a love for learning”

All I can say is that after two years, Day Prep Private School has changed my son’s life and my family’s for the better. My son is being loved in a way that no other teachers have loved him. He finally feels confident and is striving to be the person he is—in his little genius self. The team goes way above and beyond for us all. I am truly grateful to have these people in our lives. Mrs. Day and her outstanding team, thank You for teaching us with your hearts. We Love You XXOO.”

“Thankful!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!”

“Great work! We’ve had an excellent experience. Overall, our child is exceptionally happy. The teachers are great and very adaptable to the kids’ needs.”

“I am grateful that my kids are LOVING school. They are inspired and excited and open! Thank you.”

“Our 7th grader has had an incredible start. It was like we started to see her old energy and light re-emerge. Looking forward to learning more about enrichment classes so we can give her more daily Day Prep!”

Notes from informational meeting attendees during COVID months:

“I am so incredibly impressed with Cara’s vision for children’s education. Her programs are organized and well-thought-out and are ideal for both younger and older children looking for more personalized in-person education, which is even more important during these difficult and unknown times. I have amazing respect and admiration for the work that she has done to build this unique and special niche in K-12 education.”  ~Lauren Weiss, Ph.D., M.Ed., mother of 2 enrolled children, ages 10 and 12

“The shadows of virtual learning and further school closures were looming over us. At the very least, I wanted someone to take ‘homeschooling’ off my plate. However, what we found is a program, an educational leader, and a community that would not only preserve the magic of education in uncertain times, but a curriculum and education style that is revolutionary. One that I’ve been itching for, always knowing in my heart, ‘it could be done so much better.’ Thanks to Cara and Day Prep Private School, I’m now going into Fall 2020 with excitement and pure confidence that we have preserved the magic and stability of school using pod learning in these unpredictable times. I suspect we will never go back to the status quo.” ~Parents of 2

“We learned so much about the concept of school and how children learn in general. Wow. Just didn’t know what we didn’t know.”
~Parents of 2

“Our kids do not want to do online learning. We are done with that. Day Prep provides a way for our children to not only stay on track but get ahead and in meaningful ways, not busy work, worksheets, and the c%$# they were doing. My kids are going to be publishing books, doing math at their level, and actually getting time to read in school. The social/emotional curriculum is so strong and that really stood out. Day Prep has been there for us for 4 years, and now it will be our school home. Grateful.”
~Family with 3 children

“I like that there are several options and there is flexibility built-in as things change with COVID. Day Prep is responding to the emotions and the academics. My girls will love the fact that science and social studies are project-based, not just textbooks and worksheets. They are beyond excited. I love it.”
~Mother of 2

“This meeting affirmed much of what I knew to be true but couldn’t put into words. I have a clear path forward now, feeling much better if you can believe that. We have enjoyed the newfound time with our kids and the Level Up program is perfect for us.”
~Father of 3

Thank you, parents!!