When I look back over the past 24 months, all I can say is, ‘Thank You Cara.’ We retained Cara to help my grandson to become a better student. I made the mistake of thinking, ‘I’m hiring Cara to help our grandson get better grades.’ Boy, was I wrong!!! Cara takes a holistic approach to children. While grades are important, Cara wanted to improve our grandson’s self-esteem, and his attitude toward school, life, parents and, yes, grandparents. Cara insisted on making sure all levels of communication in my grandson’s life were working properly. That meant making sure all family members were involved in a healthy, supportive way. While we always thought my grandson was the best, Cara has helped mold his life into the person we all dream of calling Son or Grandson.

– David Malcolm, grandparent of 14-year-old

The Day Prep writing clinic Sienna attended this summer has paid off in spades. Her teacher is impressed with how Sienna structures her writing. It’s just fantastic this year for her. She has a newfound confidence.

– Heather Steer, mother of two, ages 8 and 10

The Choice Chart has created a peaceful environment in our home with less yelling and less lecturing. The time in the penalty definitely calms our kids down, and they are ready to join the family in a positive way.

– Kristin, mother of two, ages 8 and 10

Jackson: “Do you know what math’s full name is?”
Miss Day: “No … what is it?”
Jackson: “Mathematics.”

– Jackson, age 7

My family started working with Cara in 2012. She came highly recommended by my two close friends. We hired her because we were having problems with my eldest son’s ability to sit and do work independently, slowly and correctly. We saw Jackson’s reading and comprehension improve almost immediately. We also saw Miss Day giving him the tools to work independently. She now works with all three of my children, and she also works with me! Giving me fast and simple tools to help my kids not only with their schoolwork, but with behavior issues that arrive with young children. I honestly don’t know where we would be without Cara. She came at a time when we felt helpless. I now know that we can jump over any hurdle with her help and the tools we have learned.

– Marjaneh, La Jolla, mother of 3

My child did not like school or his teacher. Now his confidence is high and he knows he can do it. Although our initial issues have been resolved, it has been 3 years and we still see Cara. It’s just part of what we do.

– Lee Barnett, mother of 5th grader

And when I get to the end of the sentence, I do a peramint!

– Kianna, age 4