Hi, hope your summer is going well. I just want to give you some feedback on Ms. Kurowski–she is a godsend! My daughter is hard to please at times and she loves Ms K, did great in her summer class, and has agreed to continue to see her in prep for next year! Once again, the Day Prep Way has wowed the heck out of me! ❤

~Note from parent of 8th grade student:

“Cara Day is a practical genius at teaching not only parents, but students and her fellow practitioners. She has revolutionary, yet proven methods that transform lives. Her parenting philosophy and methods are in-depth, yet practical, tangible, and immediately usable. A breath of fresh air.”

~Scott Barnett, San Diego Unified School District Board Trustee

“I read to the bottom of the page. I just kept going and going and going and I didn’t even notice.”

~Colten, grade 2

“As parents of five children who were doing well in school and at home, we were reluctant to commit to a parenting workshop series. I was surprised when the first 3-hour class ended and I felt like it had just started! I have learned so much. . .  I think every parent should attend Cara’s workshops.”

~Clark Family

“What you do is so important. The method you do it with matters. My son Is doing so well. I value what you offer. You take care of each of us as if we are special. Thank you.”

~Carla, mother of 6th grade student

“Not only has she guided Gabriel to self-discipline, but also to us helped him to use skills to regulate his emotions and choices. She challenges him and gives him actual tools he can use at a difficult moment. She is always available to have conversations, meetings and provide helpful counseling for Gabriel’s best interest. Her ability to effectively teach organizational skills has helped Gabriel to prioritize the school work which will be used throughout his life. A new level of confidence and pride has been given to Gabriel through the guidance of Cara Day. We look forward to his future in high school and college and know that Cara will always be with us for help and guidance.”

~Annie Malcolm, grandmother to Gabriel, age 15

“Loved the class. I’m fascinated and want to learn more. Please let me know of upcoming workshops.”

~Nichole, mom of four

Jackson: “Do you know what math’s full name is?”
Miss Day: “No … what is it?”
Jackson: “Mathematics.”

~Jackson, age 7

“I believe in Day Prep’s curriculum and love what Burton has experienced at Day Prep. Burton is so happy at Day Prep and I feel he is allowed to find his strengths and let them shine. When I looked through his end of year portfolio, it blew my mind. The integrity curriculum made me cry and I so appreciate that these very important aspects of our children are being nurtured. This simply is not happening at public school. He loves learning and your teachers are just the best. We purchased the book he published about Electricity for family members and, needless to say, they are all beyond impressed. Thank you for providing education at another level and elevating our children to their highest potential!”

~Summer H., Mom of two, La Jolla, CA

“I don’t how much I should thank you. I really thank you and thank you tons. You help me so much, you have no idea really, by bringing us so much support. We love you.”

~Parents of two, ages 13 and 15, La Jolla, CA

“Three years ago we were struggling with our son. He was in 4th grade and not performing at grade level. He was also struggling making friends and connecting with classmates . . .We began with Miss Day with counseling sessions for our son. We then added academic coaching and tutoring with one of her team members. With Cara’s resources, our son’s life has been transformed. He is now attending a private school in sixth grade and is taking pre-algebra which is an eighth-grade course . . . He has gone from a child who struggled in his young life to a middle school student who is thriving in all respects. We also learned how to better and more effectively communicate with him and as a result, we all have a much more loving and fulfilling relationship.”

~Colleen, Mother of 2, La Jolla, CA

“As my girls matured, my parenting style of command and control and strong rules and expectations wasn’t working. I needed help to rebuild my connection and learn a new parenting style. I began working regularly with Cara six years ago. I had other parenting coaches, but Cara is so unique because she helped me shift my mindset and beliefs, and helped me realize that the problem is me, not my kids. She has an amazing balance of truth and grace, and I needed both. Not only did she help me reframe how I approached parenting and what my vision was, but she also gave me hundreds of practical tips and techniques that I could apply daily. Most coaches cannot do both. She also took a vested interest in learning all about my girls and became an extended part of our family. Today, I have healed the relationships with my daughters and I have a healthy loving relationship with each. . . . Every parent needs a coach and Cara is the most qualified, effective, and caring one I’ve ever met.

~Jason Hartanov, San Clemente, California

“The Day Prep writing clinic Sienna attended this summer has paid off in spades. Her teacher is impressed with how Sienna structures her writing. It’s just fantastic this year for her. She has a newfound confidence.”

Heather Steer, mother of two, ages 8 and 10

“We loved the Happy Kids class. You’re a fantastic communicator and your way will go far.”

~James, dad of two