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A Message about the 2020- 2021 School Year

Day Prep in La Jolla, California, is currently expanding outside of the county and California—in rapid fashion—due to many schools shifting to remote or hybrid learning. Among our services, Day Prep provides a complete, accredited curriculum for your child in grades PreK-12—in your home or in a location we open in your area. The in-home service is for single families and “pods” of families who join together.

We are offering our services at prices attuned to what is happening in our world, so this is a unique opportunity to pursue a life-changing educational experience. Transform your child’s life in the midst of this change.

Call 858.255.8135 today to get started. Sign up for an informational meeting to find out WHY people are choosing Day Prep, WHAT we do that is so powerful and effective, and exactly HOW we do it.

 Our Essence

Personalized, expert, and in person. We learn your child’s dreams and your family’s needs to create an individualized education plan: be it for private schooling, in-home learning, tutoring, enrichment, or test prep.

Enroll with us. Or stay enrolled where you are, eschewing online learning for Day Prep’s in-person instruction. Our expert instructors and methods are captivating—whether you use our accredited curriculum, your school’s, or a hybrid.

At Day Prep, we do not bend your child to our methods. We treasure autonomy and flexibility. Our standards are high but our strategies are smart, based on decades of experience with diverse learners.

It all starts with the transformation and education goals you want to pursue!

Our Services

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Transformative, experiential learning. In person, K -12 at our locations. College prep. Fostering critical thinking and creative problem-solving. And FUN! Because confident learners come to the material eagerly. Talk to us about your child's needs! 

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Focus in on a single subject. Or extend our school day with Level Up added instruction. We build confidence, helping students remove blocks and gain mastery. And we often cut homework time in half, improving skills and removing distractions. Enrich. Enjoy. Excel!

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Bring a Day Prep teacher into your home or commercial space. Several families interested? Create a pod for our expert to teach a multi-age group. Three, four, and five hour day available. 

Why Day Prep?

We draw on an overall philosophy and a desire to see students . . .

     • Become joyful lifelong learners
     • Develop agile minds and 21st century skills
     • Practice emotional regulation and executive functions
     • Self-evaluate and become experts at taking initiative and solving problems
     • Adopt keystone habits of sleep, nutrition, and exercise

Whether in-home or at our private school, each academic plan we forge includes a social/emotional component. No “character trait of the month” is taught here. For us, learning to regulate emotions, communicate, manage stress, overcome obstacles, and work and play with others is central to a student’s wellbeing and academic growth.

Education is a profession. So you can leave it to us. We want families to enjoy their time together, not to have to manage schooling.

Mostly we believe in setting children and families up for success, removing barriers with adaptable teaching, project-based learning, and engaging instruction.

” . . .what we found is a program, an educational leader, and a community that would not only preserve the magic of education in uncertain times, but a curriculum and education style that is revolutionary.”

~Parents with two enrolled children, La Jolla, CA

“After a review of [our daughter’s] natural skills and knowledge, a tailored program was created and so professionally delivered . . . I watched my child blossom into a confident, less anxious child. Now she is at the top of her class—a status which, for my husband and me, is not important. However, her social/emotional acumen is also soaring.”

~Megan, San Diego, CA

“Cara Day is a practical genius at teaching not only parents, but students and her fellow practitioners. She has revolutionary, yet proven methods that transform lives. Her parenting philosophy and methods are in-depth, yet practical, tangible, and immediately usable. A breath of fresh air.”

~Member of the San Diego Unified School Board

Personalized Plans

Complete Assessment

Personalized Plans

Personalized Plans

We Produce Top Scorers

Accredited Curriculum

Our Skills Translate Into Life Skills

Our Skills Translate Into Life Skills

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