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Our Services


Our teachers provide 1-to-1 instruction for all subjects and all ages. After the initial intake and assessment, an individualized learning plan is created.

Family Coaching

We offer action-oriented guidance for parents who want to identify their highest values, individually and as a family, and live in greater alignment with those values.

Test Prep

We offer private and small-group test prep instruction for all levels of the following tests: ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, and the GRE.


We offer tutoring, educational therapy, and family coaching

Whether your child needs quick, intensive instruction in a particular subject or for a particular exam, or test prep, or is seeking a broader academic and social/emotional plan, the Day Prep team is equipped to serve the needs of your family. Please browse our website to learn more about the types of services offered, what our families say about us, and discover whether Day Prep Educational Therapy is the right fit for your family.

Educational therapists, teachers, and tutors can use our resources to enhance their instruction and practice, and can schedule presentations and professional development customized for their audience.

What Makes Us Different

We address the whole child – as an individual, within a school community, and as a member of an important family – your family. Children are taught how to use their unique gifts and abilities to create success with learning, executive functions, social skills, and cooperation to live a more successful, integrated and inspired life. Parents reach new levels of awareness so they can increase their skills as an effective, approachable, and loving parent.

Careful Analysis

Personalized Plans

We Produce Top Scorers

Our Skills Translate Into Life Skills