We offer test preparation for ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, and the GRE. Test-takers are taught how to approach each section of the test (reading, verbal, writing, quantitative reasoning, grammar, and math), how to efficiently use the POE (process of elimination), how to not waste precious moments looking back at wrong answer choices, and how to decide which method to use to solve each type of math problem. We teach a formula for planning and writing a top-notch essay that is on point and of the proper length for each exam. Proven results. We create top scorers!


With our Test Prep, you will learn . . .

  • How to approach each section of the test
  • How and when to effectively use the Process of Elimination
  • Best practices for test-taking, including when and how to transfer your answers
  • How to plan and write a concise, on-topic essay with all needed elements
  • How to approach, solve, and check math problems efficiently and accurately
  • How to identify clue words, trigger words, patterns, extreme words, and other hints not known by most test-takers
  • Proper pacing for each section of your test
  • When not to guess, when to guess, and exactly how to do it
  • Logistics, such as how much to study, what to eat on test day, how to be prepared for your greatest possible outcome, getting and reporting your scores, and more!