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Academic Tutoring and Integrity Curriculum Coaching

When you’re good at something, a personal coach can accelerate signature skills, shaving off hundreds—even thousands—of hours toward your 10,000.

Day Prep tutors serve as academic and relational intelligence coaches, providing not only specialized instruction in their areas of expertise, but the how that creates the extension across all endeavors, even the lifespan.

When you struggle with something, a coach can validate your experience, relieving the overwhelm that leads to inertia and apathy. Then, by placing just the right scaffolds at the right moments: action and engagement take off.

Day Prep private instruction teachers use metacognition to help learners think about their thinking, put mundane tasks in their place & keep their eye on the prize—a why unique to every learner.

We create the academic coaching relationship so you can maintain yours. Give the gift of a Day Prep tutor and get back to being the fun, approachable parent your child wants you to be.

It’s important to acknowledge…

Children develop skills and habits over many years of home life and schooling experiences. Private instruction (tutoring) helps children make rapid gains through shifts in habits of excellence. Some outcomes of private instruction can be seen and felt right away—as early as the assessment or first few sessions! These include overall confidence, relief from knowing they will be receiving help, a newfound belief in their ability to gain mastery of challenging materials or experiences, and practical tools and strategies they can begin using right away.

Whether you want to fix up a grade in a class, remediate reading, writing or math, or help your child develop the skills of an advanced scholar, your Day Prep teacher is ready to help you reach these goals.

Over time, children begin to incorporate new tools and ways of being more rapidly. The successes the child experiences at home, school, and among friends build an intrinsic desire to engage. We see this with children who are eager to get started as well as those who are initially resistant to receiving help.

Once this shift occurs, a child begins to self-evaluate and self-motivate–and they look forward to their sessions. What they are learning in the sessions starts to bridge to school, social situations, and home. Parents begin to hear new language coming from their children as they develop a stronger inner compass and quiet confidence.

Day Prep teachers are experts in learning about your child’s needs and learning style. On-going assessment shapes an active learning plan that changes as your child progresses. Flexible scheduling and professional communication ensure a 5-star experience for our families.

To get started with a Day Prep teacher, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (858) 255-8135. You may also text our textable admin line at (619) 995-3115. We offer services 365 days per year, 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Before school, after school, and on the 180 days per year your child is not in school, we are at your service.


Private Instruction Application

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