Private Instruction

1:1 Academic tutoring and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) with our Integrity Curriculum

Children develop behaviors and habits over many years of home life and schooling experiences. Private instruction helps children make rapid gains. Some elements of our instruction can be seen and felt right away—as early as the assessment or first few sessions! These can include overall confidence, relief that they are receiving help, a newfound belief in their ability to gain mastery of things that have been difficult for them, and practical tools and strategies they can begin using right away. Over time, children begin to incorporate new tools and ways of being more rapidly. The successes the child begins to experience at home, school, and among friends build an intrinsic desire to engage. We have seen this with even our most disgruntled and resistant children. At this point, a child begins to self-evaluate and self-motivate–and they look forward to their coaching or tutoring sessions. What they are learning bridges to home, school, and social situations in a seamless way. Parents begin to hear new language coming from their child as they develop a stronger inner compass and quiet confidence.


Family Information

Please include all children in the home, even if they are not applying,

Please share your child’s developmental history in general terms since birth, highlighting what you feel is most important to share to help us get to know your child and family.
Describe your child’s health and any medical considerations and needs.