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We offer a full, in-person private school option for the 2020-2021 school year, as well as support for those attending other programs.

You may enroll at our locations, or create a group for pod learning in your area, regardless of where you live. Day Prep Private School pods can be established in-home or in a location we open for you. Our teachers, methods, accredited curriculum, and materials can be provided in your location or ours. We are currently setting up pods in more than 10 cities and five states. Bring us to your city!

Find out why families are picking Day Prep for the 2020 – 2021 school year!

Effects of screentime on the health and well-being of children and adolescents

Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD Study)

UPDATED 10.12.20 Kindergarten to Grade 12

Day Prep Services Summary Sheet and Pricing

To enroll in our program for a morning 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. or afternoon session 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., in our location or for a private pod, please fill out the contact sheet below.

Should I choose morning or afternoon? 

Each of us is affected differently by the diurnal patterns of the earth and by our own biology. So, some of us learn and retain information better in the morning and others in the afternoon. If your child is a “toast” who pops up every morning ready to go, morning instruction may be a good choice. If your child is a “waffle” who likes to wake up and get ready more slowly, an afternoon program may lead to better learning outcomes.

The afternoon is beneficial for children who need more “wake up” time. It can lead to a more relaxed morning, energy burning and outdoor time first thing (so beneficial for physical health and mental focus), as well as morning reading time. The afternoon session also lends itself to adding Level Up hours right after school. Finally, depending on your plans for next year, it may be the only chance your family has the opportunity to experience this type of schedule! What a treat. Children participating in morning zooms can attend Day Prep in the afternoon hours to complete work and participate in our unique program elements.

Level Up: Our Level Up program provides instruction from a Day Prep teacher at a 1:6 ratio in our locations for just $20 per hour on a flexible basis for students in grades K – 12 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Fill out our Level Up Application to get started right away, or give us a call at 858.255.8135

Current Openings in Our Locations

California: La Jolla, San Diego, Encinitas, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach

Out of California: Seattle, WA, Westchester, NY, Red Lion, PA, Greater Boston, MA

Current In-Home Pod Learning Opportunities

Day Prep provides a highly-qualified credentialed teacher trained in our methods, using our materials to teach our accredited program, your child’s school curriculum, or a hybrid of both—at your home or a location of your choosing. Afternoon pods can be placed in the following cities: La Jolla, La Mesa, Encinitas, San Diego Beverly Hills, Studio City, Newport Beach as well as outside of California in Boston, MA; York, PA; Manhattan, New York; and surrounding communities.

Morning Session Pods: We have currently PAUSED the establishment of morning session pods nationwide. We will update this page when morning pod creation begins again.

Afternoon Session Pods: Immediate placement of a Day Prep teacher is available in the 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. timeframe, all grades and multi-age.

If you are interested in forming or joining a pod with other families in your area, please do the following:

  • Use the contact form below to submit your information.
  • To include more detailed information, please print, scan, and email THIS FORM to [email protected] When completing the form, please include your zipcode.
  • For each family, please list: Parent name, Parent email, Child name, Child grade level
  • Please include the day you would like to begin.

General Inquiries

For additional information, please send your question(s) in an email to [email protected]. This is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with us and get your questions answered. Please include your phone number so a team member can call you directly if needed. Your email will be seen, processed, and responded to as quickly as possible.

What Families Are Saying

Some love notes after Week 1…

“We’ve had a great first week and are so happy with our teachers and locations. Very grateful for everything!!”

“Day Prep is the best!”

“Hi! Thanks for checking in with us! My kids are SO happy with Day Prep. My daughter is really coming alive. I am grateful for Miss Keefer and the social/emotional component of Day Prep. I also really enjoyed the Power Parenting session and follow-up resources. I am sad we aren’t able to get to know the other parents and teachers better due to COVID, but I’m hopeful we will have more opportunities as the year progresses. I’m also looking forward to some Level Up extracurricular options for the kids! Can’t wait! Thank you for everything!”

“Happy Child – Happy Heart.”

“Sienna enjoyed her first week and is looking forward to being officially enrolled in her online courses. She only had positive things to say about her teachers, the environment, and the work she did this week.
Thanks so much for a great back-to-school first week! We look forward to a wonderful learning environment in the year ahead.” — High school student at Mission Bay

“We are so thankful for fun, engaging teachers! Mr. Rice and Me. Montalvo are full of life and energy. Both of our girls are reading up a storm, excited to get to school in the morning, and seem encouraged and inspired. Thank you, Cara and team. ❤️💕❤️💕”

“My son LOVES Miss Keefer and every day is SO excited to get up and go to school! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our Day Prep decision!”

“The excitement I witness in my children when their teacher, Miss Moulton, arrives each morning truly puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. They run over to start class immediately and eagerly assist in carrying the picnic blanket out to the backyard for their morning meeting.”

“I’m grateful for Day Prep.”

“For my child to learn and develop a love for learning”

“Our son is loving his time at the Mission Bay venue, especially the outside time. Thank you!”

All I can say is that after two years, Day Prep has changed my son’s life and my families’ for the better. My son is being loved in a way that no other teachers have loved him. He finally feels confident and is striving to be the person he is—in his little genius self. The team goes way and beyond for us all. I am truly grateful to have these people in our lives. Cara, Thomas, Bethany, Andrew and Big Robert: Thank You for teaching us with your hearts. We Love You XXX.”

“Thankful !!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!”

“Great work, you guys! We’ve had an excellent week. Overall, our Pod is exceptionally happy. The teachers are great and very adaptable to the kids’ needs.”

“I am grateful that my kids are LOVING school. The first week seemed easy to them, but I trust that they will be challenged! Great first week of school. So far they seem inspired and excited and open! Thank you.”

“Our 7th grader had a great week. It was like we started to see her old energy and light re-emerge. Looking forward to learning more about enrichment classes so we can give her more daily Day Prep!”

Notes from informational meeting attendees:

“I am so incredibly impressed with Cara’s vision for children’s education. Her programs are organized and well-thought-out and are ideal for both younger and older children looking for more personalized in-person education, which is even more important during these difficult and unknown times. I have amazing respect and admiration for the work that she has done to build this unique and special niche in K-12 education.” 

~Lauren Weiss, Ph.D., M.Ed., mother of 2 enrolled children, ages 10 and 12

“The shadows of virtual learning and further school closures were looming over us. At the very least, I wanted someone to take ‘homeschooling’ off my plate. However, what we found is a program, an educational leader, and a community that would not only preserve the magic of education in uncertain times, but a curriculum and education style that is revolutionary. One that I’ve been itching for, always knowing in my heart, ‘it could be done so much better.’ Thanks to Cara, I’m now going into Fall 2020 with excitement and pure confidence that we have preserved the magic and stability of school in these unpredictable times. I suspect we will never go back to the status quo.”

~Enrolled family with two children

“We learned so much about the concept of school and how children learn in general. Wow. Just didn’t know what we didn’t know.”
~Parents of 2

“Our kids do not want to do online learning. We are done with that. This is a way for our children to not only stay on track but get ahead and in meaningful ways, not busy work, worksheets, and the c%$# they were doing. My kids are going to be publishing books, doing math at their level, and actually getting time to read in school. The social/emotional curriculum is so strong and that really stood out. Day Prep has been there for us for 4 years, and now it will be our school home. Grateful.”
~Family with 3 children

“I like that there are several options and there is flexibility built-in as things change with COVID. Day Prep is responding to the emotions and the academics. My girls will love the fact that science and social studies are project-based, not just textbooks and worksheets. They are beyond excited. I love it.”
~Mother of 2

“This meeting affirmed much of what I knew to be true but couldn’t put into words. I have a clear path forward now, feeling much better if you can believe that. We have enjoyed the newfound time with our kids and the Level Up program is perfect for us.”
~Father of 3

“We see this as a real growth opportunity for our child for at least this next school year. We can see after that.”
~Parent of primary grade student

Thank you, parents!!

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