Radio Show

Winning Ways to Speak Radio Show Coaching Hour: Every Thursday 10:00 a.m.Cara Day

Ask a question on air or in the chat, just listen in, or get coached live. Build awareness, skills, and habits one week at a time. One hour. No cost. Shape-shift your family culture.

What to expect: Cara Day leads with a concept, tool, or skill at the top of the hour. A few minutes later, Q and A opens up. Join us and invite a friend.


Do I have to be on-screen?

Screens can be on or off. Work out, do chores, drive, complete tasks on your computer–do what you need to do while listening in. Or, set aside the hour and settle in.

Is this individual coaching?

This is a live radio show with individual coaching. It’s for you and other listeners. You can listen in or participate!

How do I ask my question?

Bring up your topic or ask a question live by un-muting yourself, or using the chat. Receive live coaching either way!

What if I want to be anonymous?

Change your zoom name and submit your question in the chat.

What topics can we discuss?

All of life’s topics are welcome.

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