family coaching

Individual and Family coaching

Individual and family coaching with Cara Day is action-oriented guidance for people who want to identify their highest values and live in greater alignment with those values. It’s for anyone who wants to establish a clear vision for themselves and their family–and see it come into reality. Coaching helps create more meaning and joy in life. Address pressing parenting dilemmas, heal childhood painbodies that may be affecting your current relationship and parenting skills, and step into new ways of being so you can feel happier and more engaged with life–and your family. 

The Foundations and Mastery Coaching Programs include weekly sessions as well as 24/7 just-in-time-coaching with the Voxer app. Click here to set up a 30-minute call to learn how to start a life-changing journey with Cara Day, today!

“Before working with Cara, I was struggling to have a deep relationship and connection with my four daughters.  As my girls matured, my parenting style of command and control and strong rules and expectations wasn’t working. I needed help to rebuild my connection and learn a new parenting style. I began working regularly with Cara six years ago. I had other parenting coaches, but Cara is so unique because she helped me shift my mindset and beliefs, and helped me realize that the problem is me, not my kids. I had the power to change it. She has an amazing balance of truth and grace, and I needed both. Not only did she help me reframe how I approached parenting and what my vision was, but she also gave me hundreds of practical tips and techniques that I could apply daily. Most coaches cannot do both. She also took a vested interest in learning all about my girls and became an extended part of our family. Today, I have healed the relationships with my daughters and I have a healthy loving relationship with each. I have Cara to thank for this. By changing my mindset, removing my limiting beliefs, and providing me with new skills, I am more confident than ever as a parent. I am well on my path to having lasting relationships with each of my girls that will last after they leave the home. This only was possible with the help of Cara. Every parent needs a coach and Cara is the most qualified, effective, and caring one I’ve ever met. I cannot recommend her enough.”      –Jason Hartanov, San Clemente, California