Family coaching

Family coaching is action-oriented guidance for parents who want to identify their highest values, individually and as a family, and live in greater alignment with those values. It’s for anyone who wants to establish a clear vision for themselves and their family–and see it come into reality. Coaching helps create more meaning and joy in life. Address pressing parenting dilemmas, heal childhood painbodies that may be affecting your current relationship and parenting skills, and step into new ways of being so you can feel happier and more engaged with life–and your family.

Social/Emotional and Life Skills

Our Manners First and Integrity curriculums are an integral part of our instruction. These lessons and skills help children get not only the first invitation, but the repeat invitation in life. We believe the most important achievement in life is being a person who lives an inspired life, shares deep connections with others, and serves a purpose dear to them. Learn about Family Coaching and help your children become their very best selves.

Areas of Specialty

  • Communication and Winning Ways To Speak
  • Daily behavior management
  • Behavior-specific modification strategies
  • Self-regulation for parents and children
  • Acute and generalized anxiety
  • Organization and stability in family life
  • Manners First
  • Building family cohesion and fraternity
  • Sleep, nutrition, exercise for children and families
  • Family changes and blended families
  • Tough Talks: Sex, drugs, terrorism, natural disasters
  • Creating balance with technology in family life