About Level Up

Level Up is available at Day Prep La Jolla, Los Coches, La Costa, Laguna, and Beverly Hills

Join us in Level Up! Complete the application below. Let us know your preferred start date–your child may begin as early as the next day. Tuition is paid at the end of each month, after services are rendered, based on attendance.

This low-ratio program for students in grades K – 12 helps your child get and stay on the cutting edge as a scholar.

Academic coaching and instruction is provided by Day Prep’s teachers Monday – Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. in our school classrooms based on space available.

Tuition: $20/hour

Level Up allows students from any school to access Day Prep instruction flexibly. Great for children who:

  • Attend a four-day school, with Fridays off
  • Want to complete the school day when on a minimum day with their enrolled school
  • Want a flexible schedule that is less than full-time
  • Are homeschooled and want their child to receive exceptional education in the core subjects: Reading, writing, and math.

This is the advantage you want for your child.

Your child will:

  • Attend in Day Prep location–once home, they can play and relax–and so can you!
  • Complete all current assignments from their school to our Day Prep standards
  • Engage in remediation work with a highly trained teacher
  • Experience Day Prep materials to augment their education, academic, and relational intelligence skills
  • Advance through upcoming material so they are ready to learn in class
  • Build reading comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Develop the competency and habit of how to complete a thorough review of their grade and assignment portal
  • Learn best practices for every type of assignment
  • Gain the skills of a seasoned writer, and publish books as they go
  • Choose the highest quality literature books from our extensive library
  • Learn our math process to gain quiet confidence when approaching any problem type
  • Learn best practices for test-taking to consistently show what they know
  • Gain time and materials management skills
  • Learn to PTT: Plan tomorrow today for lifelong academic success
  • Form habits of academic and personal excellence

Level Up Application

Please complete the form below and upload the following documents:

1. Photo of applying child.

2. Most recent report card.

Family Information

Please include all children in the home, even if they are not applying,

Please share your child’s developmental history in general terms since birth, highlighting what you feel is most important to share to help us get to know your child and family. Attach additional pages as needed.
Describe your child’s health and any medical considerations and needs.

Now Enrolling at Day Prep La Jolla, La Costa, and Escondido JK - 12th