We offer tutoring to children, starting at age 2 – high school. Our services include:

  • Diagnostic assessment for all or specific areas
  • Reading and writing remediation, all grades
  • Expert writing instruction and advanced composition
  • Math foundations, critical-thinking and problem-solving in math
  • Rapid, accurate homework completion and study skill development
  • Interventions and skill development for specific learning disabilities
  • Executive function and self-regulation strategies critical for school success
  • Test-taking skills so students can show what they know
  • Report Card Rescue
  • IEP support

Why Tutoring?

Tutoring can be a life-changing experience. With individualized instruction, tailored to the unique abilities of a student, a child who was previously uninspired or struggling, gains mastery and confidence in the subject. 

A tutor may also provide invaluable instruction for a specific entrance exam, so the student grasps how to approach each section of a test and how to write a top-notch essay. 

At Day Prep, tutoring services are offered by teachers, most with credentials and advanced training or degrees. College students majoring in educational therapy, are also available as tutors.

In some cities, we have high school students with GPAs of 4.3 or higher who also provide instruction. In this way, we offer a variety of instructors and price points to meet the need of any client.

Day Prep’s Services

Day Prep offers tutoring services, educational therapy, as well as test prep. Often a combination of services contributes to a child’s growth and success. 

Tutors and educational therapists at Day Prep are personally trained by Cara Day, building her practices, philosophies, and methods into their work. Day Prep team members are true professionals who are emphatic and passionate about what they do.

After the initial assessment, a learning plan with several options is explored, and each family determines the best course for their child.

We make a plan based on the goals and needs of your child and your family–a fluid program based on the child’s needs, school workload, and your vacation schedule. We want you to focus on connecting with their child with family meals, sports, and conversation—rather than homework.

For subject-specific or entrance exam tutoring, a complete assessment is available, but not required.

Tutoring for Academic Enrichment 

About 60 percent of the children we serve do not have a specified learning concern. 

Academic coaching is, instead, a standard part of life for many families because of the tremendous benefits it provides. The same way a child may have an expert coach for a sport or other talent, parents provide a coach for their child’s top endeavor—education!

Our tutoring enables middle and high school students to cut their homework and test prep time in half. We free students from habits of self-distraction from devices and arguments, and from struggling with the material. They excel!

These habits build on themselves, so they become top-notch scholars—expert in the academic skills required for success in college and life.

Timeline For Results

Some elements of our instruction can be seen and felt right away—as early as the assessment or first few sessions. 

That said, children develop behaviors and habits over many years of home life and schooling experiences. It takes time to incorporate new behaviors and thought patterns.

In academic coaching, children begin to incorporate new tools and ways of being more rapidly. The successes the child begins to experience at home, school, and among friends build an intrinsic desire to engage. We have seen this with even our most disgruntled and resistant learners.

Many families first reach out for an initial academic and/or behavioral issue with one of their children. Once the results of our work are seen and felt, many families continue to use our services for the duration of the schooling years, for all of their children. We often become a piece of their family puzzle.

ADD Diagnoses 

ADD is sometimes overly and improperly diagnosed by medical professionals who spend very little time with a child. Well-meaning teachers are sometimes the first step in this cycle of improper and/or over-diagnosis.

Cara Day provides family coaching which helps families implement healthy habits around sleep, nutrition, and exercise for their whole family. Parents learn how to effectively and positively communicate with and guide their children when they are making choices that do not work well for them or the greater good.

Tutoring services can be added to improve learning habits and academic achievement straight away. This can also reduce the overall stress level in the home.

Through these interventions, behaviors that may readily be labeled as “ADD” begin to fall away as the family and children begin to implement life-changing skills. 

At the same time, there are situations in which an ADD diagnosis and even medication can be helpful—even life-changing—for some children and families.

With family coaching, parents can cultivate a high level of awareness around the child, the family culture, daily habits, and the chosen school environment, which can help parents make the very best and most conscious decision for their child.


tutoring and individual instruction at day prep can help your child with confidence in and mastery of any subject